Connecting Your Instagram Account
  • 21 Jul 2022
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Connecting Your Instagram Account

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You can connect your Instagram account via your unique Live URL so the brands you work with can view your Instagram content directly within GRIN, especially your Instagram Story content. By authenticating your account, you give permissions to share data about your Instagram content, Instagram Stories, and accurate statistics about your contents’ engagement numbers (such as likes, comments, and views). With this data, your brands can easily track your content and engagement numbers within GRIN. 

Be sure to connect your Instagram Business account prior to publishing content. Any content published prior to connecting to GRIN won't be captured.

What You’ll Need 

  • An Instagram Business account. See Instagram’s Set Up a Business Account on Instagram article to learn more on how you can convert your Instagram account into an Instagram Business account. 
  • A Facebook Business page. See Meta’s Create a Facebook Page for Your Business article to learn more on how to create a Facebook Business page. 
  • Your unique Live URL. If you currently do not have an active Live URL, contact your brand to generate one for you. 

How to Do It 

Connecting Your Instagram and Facebook Business Page

Now that you have both an Instagram Business account and a Facebook Business page, you need to connect the two so you can properly authenticate. 

  1. Navigate to your Instagram Business account’s Profile.
  1. Press Edit Profile. 

  1. Next to Page, press Connect or Create. This will open the Connect to a Facebook Page popup.

  1. Press Connect an existing Page. This will open a new window to finish connecting with Meta.

  1. If you’re prompted with the screen below, press Continue. You will then need to add your Instagram account to your Accounts Center. See Instagram’s help article for more information on the Accounts Center.
    If you do not see the screen below, skip to Step 8.

  1. Press Continue.

  1. Press Add to add your Instagram Business account to your Accounts Center.
  1. Select the Facebook Business page you want to connect with.

  1. Press Done. 

Your Instagram Business account and Facebook Business page should now be connected. Once they have, you should see your Facebook Business page’s name next to your Instagram Profile’s Page.

Authenticating Your Instagram Account in Your Live URL

Now that your Instagram Business account and Facebook Business page are connected, you’re ready to authenticate your Instagram account on your Live URL. 

  1. Navigate to your Live URL
  2. Click on the Network Connections tab. 

  1. Next to Instagram, click Connect.

  1. Enter your Instagram handle.

  1. Click Continue. GRIN will check if your Instagram account is a business account.

  1. Click Connect. This will open a new window to log in to your Facebook account. 

  1. If you’re not logged in already, log in to your Facebook account.
  1. Confirm you’ve logged in to your correct Facebook account and click Continue as…

  1. Select your Instagram Business account. 
  1. Click Next.

  1. Select your Facebook Business page.

  1. Click Next

  1. Ensure all the permissions in What is GRIN allowed to do? are enabled. For more information on these permissions, see our help article.

  1. Click Done.

  1. Click OK to complete connecting to Facebook. 

That’s it! You should now return to your Live URL, and your Instagram Business account should now be authenticated and connected. Now your brand will be able to view and track your Instagram content and engagement numbers.

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