Connecting Your Pinterest
  • 05 Apr 2023
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Connecting Your Pinterest

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Article Summary

By connecting your Pinterest Business account, GRIN can automatically pull in your posts and engagement numbers to deliver to the brands you are collaborating with. GRIN uses first-party data to sync your content and metrics directly from Pinterest, ensuring the data your collaborating brands receive is secure, accurate, and collected with your permission.

While you’re going through the connection process, you’ll be asked to grant specific permissions so GRIN can read and sync with your content as well as read information available on your Pinterest profile. You must accept all permissions for your brands to view your posts and post metrics. These permissions do not give GRIN permission to post on your behalf, view your direct messages, or view or change your sensitive account information.

What You’ll Need

  • A Pinterest Business account. You can create a new Business account with a different email, link your existing Personal account to a new Business account using your existing email, or convert your current Personal account into a Business account. You can learn more about creating a Business account with Pinterest’s help article Get a business account.
  • A Live URL. If you don’t have a Live URL yet, contact your collaborating brand to generate a link for you.

How to Do It

  1. Navigate to your Live URL > Networks.
  2. Next to Pinterest, pressConnect.
  3. Enter your Pinterest username and press Continue.
  4. If you're not logged in to Pinterest already, log in to your account in the new window that appears.
  5. A new window will open to authorize with GRIN. Review the permissions and press Give Access.

That’s it! You’ll be redirected back to your Live URL, and you should now see your Pinterest is now a connected account. Now, your collaborating brands will now be able to automatically view your Pinterest content and metrics!

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