Manually uploading content
  • 26 Sep 2023
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Manually uploading content

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Article Summary

If you’ve been assigned non-social network tasks or you haven’t connected your social networks, such as Instagram or TikTok, you can complete tasks by manually uploading content via your Live Site. When you manually upload, you have to provide a file copy of your content, a link, and the metrics associated with your content depending on the type of task you’re completing.

If you have connected your social network accounts and have started posting content for brands with the correct hashtags and mentions, your content has already been automatically picked up by GRIN. This means you don't need to manually deliver your content since the brands already have it, and if you try to, you'll get a message confirming that the content was already delivered.  

  • Some social network uploads, such as Instagram Stories, must be captured before they expire.
  • Manually uploading content can be potentially inaccurate for delivering social network tasks (such as Instagram or TikTok) as your content metrics change. This may affect how your collaborating brands perceive your content’s performance. To ensure you always share your content with the most up-to-date stats, we highly recommend connecting your supported social accounts with GRIN. Learn how to connect your social networks with our help articles in Managing Social Networks. For more information on how GRIN uses your data, you can check out our help articles Creator Data Privacy and Understanding First-Party Data.

 What you'll need

  • Your Live Site. If you don't have one, contact your collaborating brand to send you a link to yours.
  • An active program with a collaborating brand that you can deliver content to
  • If you’re delivering for a social network task (such as an Instagram post or TikTok video), you’ll need an image or video file copy of your content, your post’s URL, your post’s date of post (if applicable), and your post’s engagement metrics from within the first 24 hours of when you posted.
  • If you’re delivering for a non-social network task, the requirements will be different depending on the type:
    • File Upload: An image, video, Word document, or PDF file 
    • URL: A link to your content 
    • Text: Copy and pasted text of your content such as a post, blog, or review

How to do it

  1. Navigate to your Live Site.
  2. Select View on the program you’re submitting content for.
  3. In the Tasks module, select Deliver.
  4. Select View on the task you’re submitting content for. 
  5. Depending on the type of task you’re delivering for, provide the following: 
    1. If you’re delivering for a social network task, such as an Instagram post or a TikTok video, then upload your file copy, enter your post’s URL and date of post (if applicable), and enter your post’s metrics.
    2. If you’re delivering for a non-social network task, upload your file, enter your URL, or paste in your text.
When uploading, make sure your file is 500 MB or less and is one of our a supported file types: JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, MOV, or MP4.
  1. Select Deliver

Your content has been delivered. Your collaborating brand should receive a copy of your post, its URL, and its metrics. 

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