Recognizing and avoiding phishing messages and scams
  • 27 Nov 2023
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Recognizing and avoiding phishing messages and scams

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Article Summary

Phishing refers to scammers’ fraudulent attempts to get sensitive information or money from you by posing as a source you trust. For example, bad actors may attempt to trick you by:

  • Sending emails that look like they’ve been sent from a legitimate company, like GRIN or a brand you’re collaborating with. 
  • Sending scam messages or calls that impersonate GRIN representatives. 

While collaborating with GRIN or brands through GRIN, you’ll receive official emails, messages, and other communications to keep you up to date with your campaigns and Live Site information. You can differentiate these from phishing attempts by keeping the following in mind: 

  • All official emails from GRIN will only come from our email addresses. 
  • All emails from your collaborating brands will only come from our email addresses or from the brand’s official email. 
  • GRIN only uses the email address you list in your Live Site’s settings to contact you.
  • Any support or help messages will only be in response to requests you initiated. 

GRIN will never ask for your personal or private information in an email or personal message. We will also never ask for money in an email. GRIN or collaborating brands will only ask you to fill out personal information, such as your contact information or shipping address, in applications you fill out directly within your Live Site, not in emails. 

If you receive an email or message from someone that isn’t from an address or from a brand you’re working with directly, this may be a bad actor posing as GRIN. If that’s the case, avoid responding and do not share your personal information under any circumstances. We also recommend reporting the suspicious email or message for spam or suspicious behavior to the platform they’re contacting you on.

If you’re not sure if the message is from GRIN or not, you can always contact us directly at to confirm.  

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