Setting Up Payouts as a Non-U.S. Resident
  • 06 Sep 2022
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Setting Up Payouts as a Non-U.S. Resident

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Article Summary

In order to receive payouts from the brands you work with, you need to submit your Payout information on your Live URL. This information includes: 

  • Your payout method, which must be a PayPal account 
  • Your tax form, which is a W-8BEN for non-U.S. residents. For more information on W-8BENs, check out this article from the U.S.’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

You’ll need to have a PayPal account already set up before adding it as a payout method, but you can complete a W-8BEN directly through your Live URL. Once you set up both of these items, you’ll be able to receive payments from the brands you work with. You’ll also receive 1042 tax forms at the beginning of each year, which will cover your payouts from the previous calendar year. Be sure to configure your payout information as soon as possible so you can start receiving payouts for your collaborations with brands!

You must submit both your payout method and W-8BEN to receive payments. If you do not complete both of these items within 30 days of the brand sending you their payment, the payment will be refunded back into the brand's account.

What You'll Need 

  • A verified Live URL account. For more information on verifying your Live URL account, check out our help article. 
  • An existing PayPal account. Your payments will be sent to that PayPal account. Currently, you can only receive payments through PayPal. 

How to Do It 

1. Navigate to your Live URL. 

2. Click Payouts and proceed with adding General Information including your Payment information. This information should match your tax information.

3. Once the Payment information is completed you are now able to submit a tax form by clicking Complete a Tax Form.  

4. Select I am not a U.S. Person and I am an individual or I am a Corporation then press Continue.

5. Click the checkbox to certify you are not a U.S. person. 


6. Select either I provide services exclusively from outside of the United States or I provide services from within the United States.


7. Enter your full name to certify the information you provided. 


8. Click Certify.


9. Fill in all fields for the W-8BEN Substitute Form and click Continue.


When you reach the Tax Payer Identification section, you can choose to provide a Foreign Tax Identification Number (FTIN) or select “I will not or am unable to provide a Tax Identification Number”. We highly recommend providing an FTIN if you are able to. You can find a list of them here.

10. Review the popup that appears. Depending on how you filled in your Tax Payer Identification section, this popup will be different: 

  1. If you provided a Foreign Tax Identification Number (FTIN), you’ll be informed about any possible withholding rates you may be subject to depending on your country of citizenship. 


    1. If you selected “I will not or am unable to provide a Tax Identification Number”, you’ll be informed that you may be subject to 30% withholding on your payments. 


11. Review your W-8BEN information to ensure everything is correct, then press Continue.

12. Click all the checkboxes to certify the information you’ve provided, then check the box to confirm you've read and acknowledged the certification.

13. Enter your full name.


14. Click Complete W-8BEN. This will open the Submitting W-8BEN popup.


15. Click Submit Form to submit your W-8BEN. 


You will not be able to edit or change any information in your W-8BEN form after you submit it, so be sure all the information you provided is correct. If you need to make any changes to your W-8BEN after you submit, you will need to complete an entirely new form and submit it.

16. Select how you would like to receive your end-of-year tax statements. If you choose E-Delivery, GRIN will send your tax forms to the same email your Live URL was sent to. If you choose Postal Mail, GRIN will mail your tax forms to the address you provided while filling in your W-8BEN. 


The tax forms you receive will be called Form 1042, which is a tax form for non-U.S. residents who received income from a U.S. source. For more information on 1042s, check out this article from the U.S.’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

17. Click Continue.


18. Click Done. 

That’s it! Your completed tax form should now appear underneath your payout methods along with your PayPal account, as shown below. Now, you’re ready to receive payout from brands you collaborate with! 

Any withholdings selected in your tax forms will be documented in your payment emails going forward.     

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