Supported Content Types
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Supported Content Types

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GRIN automatically syncs creator content from connected social networks as well as supports manual uploads for specific file types. You can view what is supported below.

Automatic syncing


GRIN will not sync content that violates the corresponding social network's terms of service. For example, we will not sync content that contains copyrighted music. Refer to your social network's terms to make sure your content syncs correctly.

If your content does not violate your network's terms and still isn't automatically syncing, check our our article Tagging Content to Sync to make sure your content is properly tagged to pull in to GRIN. Some networks have unique tagging requirements that you can review in that article. 

Instagram FacebookTikTok YouTubeTwitterPinterestTwitch
PostsPostsPostsVideosTweetsStatic PinsVODs
Video Pins

Manual uploads

Manual uploads have a file size limit of 500 MB.
Video FilesImage FilesDocument FilesOther
MP4 JPGDOCXText blocks


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