Managing programs
  • 12 Jul 2023
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Managing programs

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Article summary

Once your brand accepts your proposal, you're ready to start participating in their campaign! Each campaign is different and depends on your collaborating brand's requirements, but there are a few things you can consider for every campaign to make sure your content is delivered and you complete all the tasks your brand asked you to do.

Reviewing campaign information

You can always return to your Live Site's Dashboard to see all the campaigns you're currently active in. You can also open any campaign to find information such as:

  • Your products' shipping statuses
  • Your unique discount codes or affiliate links
  • The hashtags and mentions you should include in your posts
  • Your pending tasks or content you need to deliver
  • The brand's content terms

You should always check back on this information if you ever need a reminder about what you need to do for a campaign. If your brand ever makes any changes to the campaign while it's running, those changes will also be reflected in your campaign's details. You can learn more with our help article Reviewing Campaign Information.

Posting content and completing tasks

Typically, brands will ask you to post on certain social networks or post a certain number of times. There are a few things you need to look out for while you're posting based on your brand's requirements as well as unique posting specifics for different social networks. You can find out more below.

  • Brands might require content approval. A brand might want you to upload your posts onto your Live Site before you post on your social networks so they can review it and make sure it matches what they have in mind. Review each task to see if it requires approval. You can learn more with our article Submitting Content for Approval.
  • Content can automatically sync. If you connected the corresponding social network to your Live Site and you post your content with the @mentions and #hashtags your brand specified, then GRIN will automatically sync content that you post with the brand! This means that brands will know when you've delivered content without any extra steps on your part. However, each network has different requirements on adding @mentions and #hashtags for them to pull in to GRIN. For more information, check out our article Tagging Content to Sync.
  • Content can be manually uploaded. If you don't want to connect a social network or if you're completing a task that's not on one of GRIN's supported networks, you can manually upload your content per task on your Live Site after you post. Keep in mind that if you connected your social networks and used the right @mentions and #hashtags, you don't need to manually upload your content as well. You can learn more about manually uploading with our help article Manually Uploading Content. You can also check what types of files you can upload with our article Supported Content Types.
  • Content for TikTok Spark Ads need to be posted through a unique link. If your collaborating brand wants to create a TikTok Spark Ad from your TikTok content, then you need to go through a slightly different process to post your TikTok. You'll know if you need to go through this process if your brand sends you a TikTok invite link. To learn more, check out our article Uploading TikTok Content for Spark Ads.

That's it! Those are all the things you need to keep in mind to have a great collaboration and with your brand. If you ever have questions about a campaign, you can also contact your brand directly for clarification. Now, you're ready to participate in a campaign and delivery content!

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