Managing Social Networks
  • 15 Feb 2023
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Managing Social Networks

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Article Summary

You can connect your existing social network accounts via the Networks tab on your Live URL. This allows the Brand you work with to get accurate metrics for your posts, such as the amount of likes and comments, as well as automatically pull content into GRIN to view. 

Press the Connect button next to each social network to start the connection process. You can disconnect your accounts at any time. 

GRIN uses first-party data to sync your content and metrics directly from your social networks. When connecting, some networks may require you to authenticate your accounts to share your data. This ensures the data your collaborating brands receive is secure, accurate, and collected with your permission. Be sure to accept all permissions when completing authentication when prompted. You can find out more about first-party data and how it works with GRIN with our article Understanding First-Party Data. 

The following networks share first-party data with your brands:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Twitch
  • Facebook

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